Places To Visit In New York City

"New York I Love You'' is not just a metaphor, it simply is the feeling that you get as soon as you step on the streets of the most cosmopolite city in the world. It will only be after killing time on the boulevards guarded by skyscrapers, after seeing the shiny Manhattan, after climbing on top of the Empire State Building and after drinking your coffee in Central Park that you can call yourself a true traveler in New York. The city is charming and knows how to make you fall in love with it, so check out the top places to visit while there. There are a few places that you simply can't miss, so check the list below.

  •      Statue of Liberty- this worldwide known symbol of liberty, a beacon in New York City since 1886, is a          must while visiting the city.
  •      Central Park- covering 843 acres, located in the heart of Manhattan, Central Park is another must               while  in New York, as locals consider it to be their ''playground''.
  •      A recent place to visit, one that you can't miss either is the 9/11 Memorial. It will remind you of the                 horrible effects of terrorism and it tells you, once again, how precious life is.

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